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Main exhibition building

4 May 2022 About the museum
This regional museum was founded over a hundred years ago! There you can see a collection of unique archaeological finds from the ancient and medieval history of Opole, a wonderful collection of Upper Silesian ceramics and a collection of works by Polish painters
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Opole - A Stronghold, A city, the Capital of the Region
The exposition devoted to the early medieval hillfort in Ostrówek in Opole forms part of the exhibition "Opole ‒ A Stronghold, a City, The Capital of the Region".

Ceramika - zdjęcie z wystawy

Ceramics and glass exhibition
Room I – The history of ceramics in Upper Silesia from the Early Stone Age to “Opole painted porcelain”.
Room II - Tułowice by Reinhold Schlegelmilch: Antoni Biloński's collection.
Room III – Designers active in Opole Silesia and those hailing from Opole, Silesia.

Zdjęcie z wystawy stałej

The Opole region in the Prehistoric Period and in the Early Middle Ages
The exhibition was conceived as a comprehensive presentation of the prehistory of the region, covering the period from about 300,000 years ago till the early Middle Ages.

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The Gallery of Polish Painting
The collection of Polish paintings was created in Opole from the scratch. The underlying motif for its initiation, which began in the 1950s, was the need to supplement the museum's collections with works emphasizing the Polishness of the Recovered Territories.

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The ethnography of the Opole region: tradition and change
Massive population displacements, resulting from military operations and international agreements, affected the area of today's Opolskie Province (voivodeship).

zdjęcie wystawy stałej

The mystery of the tenement house at 13 Krawiecka Street (ul. Krawiecka 13) in Opole
The permanent exhibition of the Museum of Opole Silesia also includes a perfectly preserved hand bailing well, built in the 17th century.

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